Abdul Wahid Thowfeeq – Managing Director, Dhivehi Insurance Company

Dhivehi Insurance Company is a new player in the insurance market, led by Abdul Wahid Thowfeeq – an innovative and masterful entrepreneur, with his sights on furthering the needs of their customers to the next level. Dhivehi Insurance Company is a new indigenous brand embedded in our traditional culture of great service coupled with modern and contemporary solutions for the changing business landscape. After six years at the helm of Allied Insurance Company, Wahid now leads the experienced and talented team at Dhivehi Insurance Company, striving to become industry leader in all things insurance.


HM: How is your long career in the field helping you make a difference at Dhivehi Insurance Company?



Wahid: I would say it is the backbone of my success and that of Dhivehi Insurance Company. Since we use a more focus-oriented approach, it allows me to better utilize our technical expertise. We can apply a new approach and modern techniques and bring about new changes that are more beneficial for our clients, also since the competitive market requires us to do something different to stand out.



We at Dhivehi Insurance Company can draw up from the past and top it up with fresh ideas a contemporary approach, which is beneficial for the development and future of the market, as well as our clients. It is our business to create more value for our customers in order to forge closer, stronger, and long-standing partnerships.



To be successful in business we have to have a sense of purpose, to have a firm belief in our strategy, to be proactive to the market needs, and finally to be competitive we have to have a proprietary advantage. This advantage will be to develop our brand as a professional customer-centric solutions provider which stands out to create a differential value to our customers.