at Dhivehi Insurance

As with all progressive companies, Dhivehi Insurance will always operate with a strategic view to the future and plans to build on the established reputation of its founders. In today’s progressive world, there is always the need to modernize and stay ahead, and a fresh, dynamic outlook has been encapsulated in the company’s forward looking corporate identity.

The Corporate Logo was inspired by historical stone carvings underlining that Dhivehi is a true Maldivian Company and the company’s patriotic nature. The corporate colour reperesents the crystal clear turquoise lagoons that surround the islands to promote a fresh and pleasing approach of protection to various insurance policies that Dhivehi offers.

The design of the corporate logo embodies the unifying aspects of the insured with the insurer and delivers a corporate dynamism which is both contemporary and futuristic. The logo projects Dhivehi’s philosophy of a customer oriented company by positioning customer at the very heart of all its operations.

Join us

Our staff presents a mix of seasoned experts in the industry, together with pool of youthful talent. The experiences of long serving employees supplemented by fresh talent being developed in recent years present an extensive resource base.

We place great importance on developing proficiency and knowledge within the company. We believe that in a dynamic business environment new challenges are faced and new opportunities are explored by harnessing adequate skills and knowledge. Developing our staff expertise is aimed at enhancing the quality of service provided to our customers.


Be a part of the leading specialized insurance company of the Maldives. 

How to apply

We welcome everyone to go ahead and apply for any available openings in the Dhivehi Insurance listings. Keep an eye out for our social media and also Jobsicle to be the first to know when we have an opening in our diverse team. Feel free to email us with any inquiries regarding recruitment and applications.


There are no job openings available at this time.