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Platinum provides the most comprehensive level of coverage. Inpatient, Outpatient, Wellness, Dental, Vision, and Maternity benefits are included. The Globalis Platinum plan also offers a unique, escalating Maternity benefit level that increases after your first year of membership.

Gold offers enhanced Inpatient and Outpatient cover with the addition of Wellness and Dental benefits. Vaccination cover is also included as part of your Wellness benefit.

Silver extends Outpatient benefits in addition to the Inpatient cover offered by Bronze.  Outpatient benefits include, among others, general practitioner and specialist visits and prescription medications, up to your chosen Outpatient Annual Limit.

Bronze provides your essential Inpatient benefits to cover hospitalization costs.  Benefits for pre- and post-hospitalization Outpatient services are also included, which means you are covered for expensive diagnostic and testing expenses before and after a covered hospitalization.


  • A No Claim Discount to Reward Healthy Living

  • Family discount for a family of 3 or more members

  • Limiting lower Overall Annual Plan Limit

  • Limiting the Area of Cover You Need

  • Limiting or forgoing access to

  • certain High-Cost Providers

  • Consider taking a Deductible

  • Consider using Semi-Private

  • Hospital Rooms if hospitalized

  • Consider a lower Outpatient Annual Limit

  • Consider taking a Coinsurance

  • Consider foregoing Outpatient Direct Billing Services


  • Addictive Disorders

  • Administrative & Shipping Fees

  • Allergy Testing & Desensitization

  • Alternative treatments and therapies

  • Artificial Life Maintenance

  • Assisted Living

  • Bank Charges

  • Benefits Not Purchased &

  • Treatments received outside of the

  • Period of Insurance

  • Birth Control

  • Conflict & Disaster

  • Convalescence

  • Cosmetic & Remedial Treatments

  • Developmental Disorders

  • Donor Organs, Surrogates

  • Eating Disorders

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