This policy provides compensation and reimbursement for people travelling overseas and arising in the event of injuries, disabilities, or death caused solely by accidents occurring during the trip. The policy also reimburses expenses incurred as a result of travel inconveniences caused during the trip.

Main Covers

SECTION A – Personal Accident
SECTION B – Emergency Medical and Evacuation Services
SECTION C – Hospital Benefits
SECTION D – Loss of Checked Baggage
SECTION E – Delay of Checked Baggage
SECTION F – Loss of Passport
SECTION G – Personal Liability

The cover, maximum limits and excess/deductible for each section will be specified in the schedule of benefits.

Main Exclusions

We will not be liable for any claims arising out of:

  • War, act of foreign enemy, radiation or contamination by radioactivity
  • Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome (AIDS), Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injury, pregnancy
  • Professional or hazardous sports, racing
  • If you are a member of air crew
  • Mental disorder and being under the influence of alcohol or drug
  • The consequential loss or damage of any kind

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