Dhivehi Insurance

  • Dhivehi Insurance Bid Security

    In need of Bid Security, Advance Payment Guarantee or Performance Guarantee? Dhivehi Insurance is fully equipped to handle all of your insurance needs at a fast and reliable pace! We offer the best rates in the market and are more than happy to discuss how we can assist your needs.

  • Human Resource Employee Handbook

    In order to provide a better, more professional and refined work environment for the new and old staff of the Dhivehi Insurance Company, the HR team has launched their very first “Human Resources, Employee Handbook”

  • 5th Anniversary Friendly Football Match

    To conclude our 5th Anniversary celebrations, Dhivehi Insurance had a friendly futsal match with Ensis Group

  • 5th Anniversary Event #5YearsofExcellence

    Mr. Ahmed Ameel to further strengthen the bond between all the staff members and their respective management team. At Dhivehi insurance, Teamwork and Synergy drive every member of this family towards a bright and successful future.

  • Tekkers Sponsorship 2021

    Tekkers Maldives Cup is a futsal tournament focused to all the islands in Maldives. There are some 80 islands with futsal quality pitches, all of which will be taking part in this competition. The winning team will be the crowned as the National Futsal Champion Island. Tekkers Maldives Cup includes prize money along with championship medals and trophies. Tekkers Maldives Cup will be held across the country in different islands will go on from April 2021 to June 2021.

    Customer Review

    They are professional, friendly and care about their customers. I highly recommend them.

    SASe Construction Pvt Ltd Saudulla Ahmed

    fantastic job finding me the right coverage and insurance company at a very competitive price

    Island Beverages Maldives Ibrahim Anwar

    I really appreciate all of your diligent work every year to get us properly insured, it allows me to sleep well knowing we are well protected

    OilBiz Pvt Ltd Ahmed Khaleel